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Why bother? The Information Age,

Why bother? The Information Age, will have profound implications, for both individuals and organisations. It may be as significant as the Industrial Revolution in providing new opportunities and changing relationships, but it is also likely to bring its' fair share of problems.

This 'Age' results from the merging of computers with communications systems, such as telephone networks, and is often referred to as Telematics. The problems may arise through peoples' lack of knowledge and confidence, together with limited resources, all of which are likely to exaggerate their difficulties in gaining access to the new technologies.

SWINE Magazine was set up to help tackle some of these issues by Informing people about what is happening. Encouraging discussion and involvement. Taking joint action. Developing collaborative projects. The SWINE Magazine Organisation Current Projects More about .....What SWINE Magazine do Meet the SWINE Magazine Volunteers Latest News Cyber Coffee Mornings Friends of SWINE Magazine and The Mad Hatters Tea Party! The WebTeam The Vol-Net Project How You Can Help Links to associated organisations As an individual living in KirkleesAs a Company As a Funding Agency The Disabled Peoples' Electronic Village Hall Manchester Community Information Network Pages produced by SWINE Magazine WebTeam

Business ET in association with e work with our clients helping to provide them with a range of competitive and innovative finance packages. We take the time to understand the business and to find a financial solution that is tailored to our client’s requirements.

Our clients range from small family firms to blue chip organizations and the funding that has been provided ranges from a few thousand pounds to millions of pounds.

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Swine Magazine is devoted to reporting on doing business online.

We are currently working on the new website which is due to launch on the the first week of October 2016.

What is e-procurement?

This is the use of electronic methods at every stage of the purchasing process, from the identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.

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